in the cab to the airport

lucky  with the weather..

choosing our PA at sound productions in vienna (by the way,
thanks a million, Volkmar , couldn't have done it without you !!)

our first gig in Voecklabruck, Austria, backing up singer Elisabeth Lohninger

our first decent glas of beer since ... mmhh, how long has it been?

hari inspiring some upcoming talent at a workshop in Perg, Austria

bad packing...., but we figured it out as the tour went on.

that's us waiting for the tow truck...

and here we go

this is the only evidence that we have been in Mannheim, Germany.
Sorry, but the batteries on my camera ran out. was a great gig, though,
thanks Olaf and Thomas (Jazz'n'Arts) for your support!

afterparty in Heilbronn

hari air guitaring

the setlist

no more car problems with our new mascot

club alterna in brno

steve getting warmed up

back in Vienna, Austria

fellow pianist oliver humer


iluminated at club premysl, Austria


richard and his wife travelled far to piestany, Slovakia, to see us

the crowd at dodo's and yvette's club jazz art gallery, Piestany, SK

Yvette, thanks a lot for lunch bags with "Schnitzelsemmerl", it was delicious!!

and finally our last gig in Linz, Austria

well, and here is some more pix of us, and us, and us...







and that's it, folks, back to NYC!
We'll be back!